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Please Support Nutshell Playhouse. It's easy and tax deductible

Great news! Pungl is here. Now you can support the Nutshell performance of your choice, either in your own name or as a gift to someone you love. Just click on the show below that you would like to help fund. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s tax-deductible!

Nutshell Playhouse at the Whitney Center for the Arts


Nutshell Playhouse will offer four live theater performances for free at the Whitney Center for the Arts in downtown Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Nutshell Playhouse at the Lenox Library


Nutshell Playhouse will present a free family performance at the Lenox Library in Lenox, Mass.

Nutshell Playhouse at Bascom Lodge


Nutshell Playhouse will offer two live performances for children and families at Bascom Lodge at the top of Mount Greylock.




-One of our primary goals at Nutshell Playhouse is to create new audiences-
by making the joys of live theater available to everyone.

-That is why we keep our ticket prices at a minimum-
and often play venues that offer free admission.

-Please take a moment to give what you can to help us in our mission-

-Remember, all donations are tax deductible- 

-We cannot do this without your support!-

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