Pirates! - (NOW PLAYING) 

Written and directed by Don Jordan



A swashbuckling adventure featuring bold buccaneers, a mysterious map with a riddle, cursed treasure, a visit to an island that you can see, a pirate ghost, and a magical journey to the bottom of the sea. This sea-faring tale features mime, music, masks, and delightful puppets created by Clothespin Puppets. The performances feature Berkshire County actors Alexia Trainor, Mark Hohlstein and Chris Brophy, with Don Jordan on guitar. Together they bring you a family performance brimming with excitement and theatrical innovation.


Mambo & Nemonee's World Wide Adventure! (NOW PLAYING)

mambo and Nemone in the desert_edited-1

Written and directed by Don Jordan





Can Mambo and Nemonee save the beautiful but endangered Floratius Serendipitus? Follow them on their hilarious adventures around the globe as they look for the special ingredients that will do the trick. Featuring masks, movement, live music and puppetry, this original performance provides a wonderful chance to awaken young children to earth’s mysteries and the delicate balance of nature. Berkshire County actors Stefanie Lynx Weber and Alexia Trainor are the performers, with Don Jordan providing live music.


Nutshellapalooza (NOW PLAYING)


Written and directed by Don Jordan



A scrumptious mix of original music, puppets and general tomfoolery, with special guests Taco Caramba (the fiercest pirate parrot ever to fly the seven seas), the Ductionary (the duck who knows every word in the English language) and the Snoof (the detective who can find anything, even if it isn’t there!) Enjoy your favorite Nutshell songs and characters. Unearth your imagination! Featuring Alexia Trainor, Stefanie Lynx Weber and Paul McNeil, with live music by Don Jordan.





Dance with a Clown

Written and directed by Don Jordan







A delightful performance featuring clowns, puppets, music and more. Clowns Shmurple, Mambo and Bowtie visit some pesky puppets, including The Encyclopoodle (the dog who knows everything), the Ductionary (the duck who knows every word in the English language), and Taco Caramba, the most ferocious pirate parrot to fly the seven seas! Join them as they struggle to find out what a "compromise" is, brave the Big Dark Scary Cave and Dance With a Clown!


 The Musical Hat

Written and directed by Don Jordan



Nemonee, Lulu and Sparky are singing songs from their Musical Hat, when suddenly they discover that their music has been stolen. Join them in their hilarious adventures as they try to get it back and in the process discover what music is made of. Meet the Snoof, a detective puppet made of eyes, ears, nose, a hand and a mouth. Learn new words from the Ductionary — the duck who knows every word in the English language. The performances feature Berkshire County actors Stefanie Weber, Catherine Schane-Lydon and Mark Schane-Lydon, with puppets by Clothespin Puppets.